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Power consumption and costs

We’re building a repository of freeze drying cycles to help the community understand the power consumption (and associated costs) of freeze drying. As we expand (with your help) the amount of freeze dryer data logs, we will better be able to help the community dry more food in less time.

Learn about the power consumption/costs of freeze drying


Find recipes for freeze drying. You’ll find two categories of recipes:

  1. Recipes modified to be freeze dried – they can be modified to taste better, or to more easily freeze dry
  2. Recipes modified to use freeze-dried ingredients

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What is freeze drying?

Freeze drying is a process that removes water from food and other materials. The process starts by first freezing the food, then placing it under a vacuum. The vacuum environment allows the ice to sublime, or transform from solid to vapor. Freeze drying is also known as Lyophilization or Cryodesiccation.

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