Making silicone mats for the 3-tray freeze dryer

Why use silicone mats for Freeze Drying? Some food glues itself to the freeze-dryer trays

See the silicone mat in action.

Here is the silicone mat we used for our small freeze dryer trays.

Before we bought our own freeze dryer, we used my dad’s standard size, 4-tray unit. It’s was older one with the simple, non-touch display with two control knobs. We bought the small, 3-tray unit because it’s just the three of us. We’ve freeze dried leftovers, homemade baby food, random fruit boxes that we bought from our local farmer’s market, and half of our food from Costco.

We love white peaches. We had to run between 5-6 separate cycles to finally finish drying all the slices of white peaches we had. The one step of the process that took longer than anticipated was removing the peach slices from the trays. The peaches were quite ripe, and we blanched them to remove the skin, so they were a bit slimy. After the freeze drying cycle, they were glued to the trays.

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