sticky notes to remember freeze dryer cycles

The Freeze Dryer Doesn’t Store the Data Logs Forever – Lesson Learned

I had a great plan

As you can see from my sticky notes, I’ve been a bit behind in recording the freeze drying cycles. The plan was to use the sticky notes as a simple way to keep track of the food as I take it out. After I had collected a few cycles, I would come back and match the freeze dryer log to each note, and connect that information back to the pictures I took of the batches.

The idea was/is great, but I let it build up too much. The biggest flaw in the whole plan: I thought my freeze dryer would keep all the data logs. Well, that didn’t quite work out as I had planned.

I now have about six freeze dryer loads that I can’t do a proper cost analysis for. Pity. I guess I’ll have to do a bunch of raw eggs again. No harm, no foul…more food storage. I can handle that.

So, how many cycle logs does the freeze dryer hold?

My guess is that the freeze dryer’s on-board memory is limited to ~3 MB.

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  1. Hi ! I hope all is well with you . I really appreciate reading on your website . I have a question if you don’t mind – do you know how to read / understand the data files from HarvestRight ? I am trying to figure out the time intervals from one entry to another . Any ideas you have would be awesome , Thanks ! – Larry


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