Food temperature monitor – take-1

This post is a bit of a blast from the past.

This freeze dryer was the first step into our new adventure. If you’re familiar with the Harvest Right products, you’ll notice the older units have two knobs and no touch screen. They only came in the Standard size.

When I first started freeze drying, Harvest Right had a simpler screen that provided little detail about what was going inside the unit and did not have an USB port. I was curious about exactly what was going on inside, so I bought this wireless digital thermometer.

I used the thermometer to track the food temperature with our first freeze dryer. I later upgraded to a newer temperature monitoring system (more on that later.)

This was also before I upgraded to the larger, 5-tray freeze dryer that has a USB port. The USB port allows you to download the entire cycle’s temperature and pressure data. I still use the newer thermometer system to track the food temperature (the freeze dryer data logs track the heater/tray temperature, so I still like to monitor the food separately.)


After placing the trays in the freeze dryer, simply slide the wireless thermometer unit on the food being dried.

outside monitor

Just below room temperature, all is well.


The freeze dryer is ready to go.

Here’s some of the limited information available with the older freeze dryer screens. The new units come with nicer touch display that provides more information and instructions.

By watching the temperature of the food, you get a good idea of what’s happening inside during the dry cycle. As the temperature rises, you know that you are getting close to the final dry.

Watch for my next blog to learn about the new temperature monitoring that I’ve upgraded to. They’re multiple-temperature sensors with WiFi link, so I can check the temperatures from anywhere I can get internet.

Here is quick peek at what I see on my iPhone for my new large 5 tray FD:

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