Freeze-dried Skittles

We saw an idea on a Facebook group a while back that we had to try. Freeze dried Skittles.

I know it sounds weird, and maybe a bit extreme, but I had to try. For curiosity’s sake.

I have a small Harvest Right freeze dryer, so it wasn’t a big deal to use one quick cycle for this test:

The result…crunchy yumminess


Btw, the animal cookies did not turn out well. The cookie dried, which just changed the consistency, but the frosting just melted on the tray.

The apple slices were great! We’ll definitely be making more .

Most of the skittles looked like the orange one at the bottom of the picture (split in half, basically doubling the skittle’s size), but a bunch of them had their sugary insides explode out of a small hole, which looked really weird.

We’ve made Skittle sprouts!


These won’t win us any healthy-snack points, but they definitely win for taking the chewiness out of skittles while preserving the amazing flavor.

We don’t sell freeze-dried skittles, but we did find these on Amazon:

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