3 Trays Canned Corn & 1 Tray Canned Peas [4-tray]

How much does it cost to freeze dry Canned Corn and Canned Peas in the 4-tray Harvest Right dryer?

About $0.48 of power costs per pound.

A note from the submitter: This produce came from 6.6 lb cans. One can will fit into 4 trays. We would have had 4 trays of corn but one tray got dumped on the floor. So for future reference, a 6.6 lb can of corn or peas will fit on 4 trays. Also, peaches & pears in the 6.6 lb cans both together will fit on 4 trays.

This freeze dryer log was submitted to us from someone else (submit your freeze dryer log with an image, and we’ll get it added too – it will help others better understand everything that goes into freeze drying at home). The power costs are adjusted to their local power rates ($0.1218 vs the normal $0.10 average that we normally use). Your power rate will likely be different, so it’s important to understand your power bill.

Download the PDF of the power cost analysis: 3 Trays Canned Corn & 1 Tray canned Peas – 4-tray – Overview

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