Frozen corn on 4 freeze dryer trays

Frozen Corn [4-tray]

How much does frozen corn cost to freeze dry in the 4-tray Harvest Right dryer?

$0.38 per pound.

This cycle, in the large (4-tray) freeze dryer was almost twice as efficient (in $/lb) as the small (3-tray) freeze dryer [$0.34 vs $0.58]

The 4-tray freeze dryer was much more efficient (in hours/lb) than the small (3-tray) freeze dryer [5.64 vs. 12.81].

This cycle sat for a while after it was finished before we took it out. You can see the drop in temperature and rise in pressure on 2/26 in the morning.

Download the PDF of the power cost analysis: Corn – 4-tray – Freeze dryer cost comparison

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