Frozen Corn [5-tray]

How much does frozen corn cost to freeze dry in the 5-tray Harvest Right dryer?

$0.27 per pound.

If your goal is to freeze dry as much corn as possible at home, the large (5-tray) freeze dryer is the most efficient way to do it:

Comparing all 3 Harvest Right unit sizes:

Freeze Dryer $/lb. lbs./hour lbs. processed time to dry
5-tray $0.27 0.277 11.25  40 h 41 m
4-tray $0.34 0.177 6.00  33 h 51 m
3-tray $0.58 0.078  2.25  28 h 50 m

5-tray unit cost analysis:

The total hours/lb. is a major factor in determining how worthwhile a food item is to freeze dry for yourself. These smaller, at-home freeze drying units have limited capacity, so we try to make the best use of our machine time.

Download the PDF of the power cost analysis: Corn – 5-tray – Freeze dryer cost comparison

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