Ice Cream Sandwich, Apple Sauce, HoneyDew, and Cantaloupe [4-tray]

How much does it cost to freeze dry Ice Cream Sandwich, AppleSauce, HoneyDew, and Cantaloupe in the 4-tray Harvest Right dryer?

About $0.35 of power costs per pound.

Note from the submitter:

Fat Boy Ice Cream Sandwiches cut in quarters. When finished, the small squares slit during Freeze cycle and made top and bottom pieces. Just the right size for snacks.

Apple Sauce froze in rubber square molds about 3-3 1/2″. Slit frozen square into 4 rectangles which dries better than the large 3″ block.

Melons do best cubed at 1/2″ to 3/4″ size. All these have high water content and will run into the 40 hour processing range.

All are Awesome!

This freeze dryer log was submitted to us from someone else (submit your freeze dryer log with an image, and we’ll get it added too – it will help others better understand everything that goes into freeze drying at home).

Download the PDF of the power cost analysis: IceCream Sandwich, AppleSauce, HoneyDew, Cantaloupe – 4-tray – Overview

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