pineapple ready to be freeze dried

Pineapple – Comparing 3 different freeze dryers

Pineapple takes a long time to freeze dry. If the first test run we did, we found that the small freeze dryer had a bit of hard time, so we lightened the load to see what difference it would make.

Here’s the cost and efficiency breakdown:

One of the most important numbers is the $/lb. It’s interesting to see that the 5-tray freeze dryer can process the same amount of pineapple (measured in lbs./hour) as both the 3- and 4-tray units combined.

Cost per pound:

As you can see, the 3-tray freeze dryer wasn’t nearly as efficient as the 4- or 5-tray freeze dryers. We’ll do other tests to see if this is consistent with pineapple, because other food items haven’t shown this much of a discrepancy in efficiency between the different units.

cost per pound to freeze dry pineapple at home

Pressure and temperature graph:

These graphs are interesting. You can see the red section of the cycle where the drying cycle is complete, but we waited to remove the pineapple. That usually happens when the cycle finished in the middle of the night.
pressure and temperature graph for freeze drying pineapple at home

Download the PDF of the full analysis:

Pineapple – 3-tray lighter load – Freeze dryer cost comparison

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