strawberries in fd trays


How much does it costs to freeze dry 4.03 lbs of strawberries?

About $1.68. Our cost per kilowatt hour is $0.10 (this number came off our power bill). With some "simple" analysis of the data we pulled from our freeze dryer logs, you can see exact stages of the cycle.

freeze dried strawberries in the metal tray

For this cycle, we had a single layer of strawberries on the freeze dryer trays, so this was a light load. You can stack the strawberries on each tray, separating the layers with parchment paper, which will give you move volume in your cycle...something else for us to test.

We used silicone mats to get the dried strawberries off the trays easier. The mats were cut from an Ateco 24" x 36" Fondant Work Mat. You don't necessarily need to use it, but it saves time and reduces crumbling. See the "Getting Started / Tray Liners" to learn about tray liners.

4.03 lbs Strawberry Slices - Cost Breakdown

*This cycle was done in the large, 5-tray Harvest Right freeze dryer.
Freeze Dry CycleCost $HoursEnergy Used
Freezing$0.448.984.35 KWH
Drying$0.666.956.60 KWH
Final Dry$0.567.005.62 KWH
Defrost$0.020.300.21 KWH
Totals:$1.6823 Hr 13.8 Min16.78 KWH

Freeze drying costs

Freeze drying time

a graph that shows the freeze dryer cycle for strawberries

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